Our Admissions Policy can be found within the Policies page, and includes applications and how to apply, how we select pupils, our over-subscription criteria and how parents/carers can find out about admissions through Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council.

There is a separate document outlining details about Nursery admissions which can also be found within the Policies page. Parents/carers must complete an application for a reception place, even if their child is already attending the nursery. If children attend our Nursery, they do not automatically secure a place at Saltburn Primary School; this is done via the Redcar & Cleveland Admissions Team.

Applications for Nursery places are via Saltburn Primary School direct; parents/carers are to email for an application form.

Moving to another school:

When moving schools, parents/carers must:

  • Contact the local authority admissions team in the are that they are intending to move to ask for a list of schools in the area.
  • Contact the school and check that they have places available.
  • Apply for a place in the chosen school via the school’s local authority admissions team.
  • Send a letter to the Headteacher (Mrs Chadwick) to advise of the date the child will leave, the name & address of the new school and their proposed start date.

Please note that pupils remain on our roll until the day they arrive in their new class for registration.

If parents/carers have any queries about admissions or moving schools, please contact Mrs Chadwick (Headteacher).