At Saltburn Primary there is an expectation of high standards of personal behaviour and respect for others, which we hope parents/carers will encourage and support.

Our behavioural ethos aims to develop in our children an acceptance and recognition of responsibility for their own decisions and an understanding of the consequences of their actions. We have  rules regarding behaviour which are clearly explained to the children, helping them towards effective learning and mutual respect for all. By providing a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere in which our children are able to give of their best, both in the classroom, and in the playground, we in return expect children to develop a sense  of self discipline, politeness and respect for others.

We have developed a positive policy for encouraging good behaviour through praise, example, and increased responsibility for the children.

We have looked carefully into resourcing outside provision for playtimes to encourage the children to be engaged at all times in purposeful activities. Children will see our policy consistently and fairly applied, a policy which we believe is reasonable, sensitive and effective and one which we trust will be clearly understood by our children.

Where a child  gives cause for concern through irresponsible or antisocial behaviour including bullying, we have a whole  range of responses possible. Through establishing a positive behaviour policy with small achievable steps in place, we hope to be able to prevent poor behaviour and confrontation. If a child does not respond to our support policy, parents/carers will be informed and sanctions discussed. As a last resort the decision may be taken to exclude the child.